Mercer County West Virginia, Tax Assessor Offices, Land Records 

Mercer County West Virginia,

Tax Assessor Offices, Land Records

Mercer County West Virginia, Tax Assessor Offices, Land Records for Land Auctions, Sold property by owner, Realtor, Auctioneer with Clerk of Pippie Hull

Mercer County, WV consists of over 268 thousand acres.  Occasionally some of those acres are put up for sale by their owners.  When buyers have inquiries about Mercer County, WV land for sale the tax assessor is an ideal place for answers.

To begin with, an acre is defined as 66×660 feet or 43,560 square feet.  It comes from the Old English word aecer, which means open field.  To put it into perspective: the American football field, minus the end zones, is 1.32 acres.  Folks from the middle ages interpreted an acre as the amount which could be plowed by oxen in a day.

Mercer County West Virginia, Tax Assessor Offices, Land Records

real estate auctioneersWhen prospective buyers in Mercer County, WV are interested in land for sale, many times they have questions about the property. Contacting the Mercer County, WV assessor can answer a majority of those questions.  Resources available to the public include:

  • Land Records
  • Property Records
  • Tax Records

First, property records are searchable with the owner’s name, mailing address including the city and the parcel ID.  While conducting a search rather than parcel ID, the researcher may see APN, Property Account Number or Tax Account Number.  “An assessor’s parcel number, or APN, is a number assigned to parcels of real property by the tax assessor of a particular jurisdiction for purposes of identification and record-keeping.  The assigned number is unique within the particular jurisdiction, and may conform to certain formatting standards that convey basic identifying information such as the property type or location within the plot map…”*

Second, is a tax records search.  This search necessitates different information input than the property records search.  Assessment tax, the dwelling, ownership, parcel and its physical location, sales and summary.

In fact, researching can be done online by visiting the Mercer County Assessor IAS Web Portal which offers:

  • Online Help
  • Search Parcel Data
  • View Appraised value

Comparable sales listings

Land, dwelling, outbuilding and sales data

Measured building sketches

The Parcel map

Therefore, potential buyers of Mercer County, WV land for sale who have questions need to contact the Mercer County assessor at:

Sharon D. Gearhart, Assessor

1501 Main St. Suite 110

Princeton, WV 24740

Phone: (304) 487-8397

Fax:      (304) 487-8399


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