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Florida Acreage Properties for sale / Recent Sale Results

Florida Acreage Properties for sale / Recent Sale Results

Some of the big land sales of 2015 will certainly be talked about for years to come. With over 20 thousand acres selling in Southern Florida for an astounding 45 million dollars, hover it did not top the sale back in 2005 for over 50 million for the same property in Desoto County. florida auctioneers So a slight drop in the sales price per acre in 2015 over the 2005 sale to average 2280 per acre for the property that consists mostly of pasture land. For other sales around Florida property is selling for a couple thousand per acres up to 8 thousand and more depending on location and property type. Acreage closer to the metro areas always demand more dollars per acre. Results that count are those that are recorded in the Clerk of The Court in the county where the property sold. These same properties and those that have not sold are assessed by one of the 67 Property Appraisers offices that span from Pensacola, Escambia County all the way to Miami, Dade County. The Official Florida Property Appraiser elected officials and their staff comb the rural and metro areas looking for new developments in construction and subdivisions that are continually on the rise.

Florida Acreage Properties for sale / Recent Sale Results

Alachua County 20 acres,  373,000 at 18650 per acre, Open Land/Hay Farm

Lafayette County 120 acres,  240,000 at 2000 per acre, Timberland/Wooded

Putnam County  3.29 acres,  12,500 at 3799 per acre, Residential Lot

Hendry County 1135 acres,  3,553,900 at 3131 per acre, Improved/Native Pasture

Lake County 56 acres,  450,000 at 8035 per acre, Vacant Residential

Leon County 152 acres, 650,000 @ 4276 per acre, Vacant Timberland

Gadsden County 50 acres,  291,900 @ 5820 per acre, Wooded, Partially Vacant

Suwannee County 51 acres, 122,800 @ 2407 per acre, mixed vacant wooded acreage

Columbia County 1001 acres, 1,575,700 @ 1574 per acre, Timberland/Swamp

Glades County 288 acres, 3,200,000 @ 11,100 per acre, RV, Golf, Acreage, Improvements

Collier County 904 acres, 5,088,000 @ 5628 per acre, Orchards, Groves, Citrus

Desoto County 20,015 acres, 45,701,000 @ 2283 per acre, Pasture, Open Land

Levy County 41 acres, 281,000 Just value @ 6853 per acre assessed, Timber, Vacant Open Land

The above listed property sales are all records of the county where the property sale occurred. These are official records with the necessary documents and taxes paid to record the deeds and transfer ownership.

auctioneers Ask for a FREE PROPERTY ANALYSIS for your property. If you are looking to sell property soon, you owe it to yourself to call the land and acreage experts. Call now Toll Free 844-400-2828 that’s 844-400-AUCTION.

Myers Jackson is Licensed Real Estate Broker and Licensed Auctioneer in the State of Florida. Also a member of the Florida Auctioneers Association. When looking to sell acreage properties, call a Professional Auctioneer that is a member if the FAA.

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Florida Acreage Properties for sale / Recent Sale Results

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