Bremer County Iowa

Bremer County, Iowa Land Records

Bremer County, Iowa Land Records

Bremer County, Iowa Land Records Prices

According to Bremer County, Iowa Land Records farmland is selling for an average of $8,139 per acre. Bremer County is located in Northeast Iowa where the average CSR is 73.3 weighted average. Bremer County, Iowa covers 428 square miles (435 square miles are land, 3.9 square miles are water). With that, the total amount of farmland acres In the county is 238,528 farmland acres. 210,534 of those acres are used for cropland, 7,303 acres are covered in woodlands, and 20,691 acres are used for other agricultural uses. Farmland rents for an average of $274 per acre, while average rent in Northeast Iowa is $250 per acre. Rent per CSR point is $3.15 per CSR2. Pastureland is also valuable to Bremer County, Iowa. Improved permanent pasture rents for $90 per acre regional average. Correspondingly, unimproved permanent pasture rents for $53 per acre regional average.

Bremer County, Iowa Land Records History

Denver, Janesville, Readlyn, Tripoli, Frederika, Plainfield, Summer, and Waverly are the towns that make up Bremer County. Bremer County has a population of 24,276 people with a density of 56 people per square mile. The county  was named after Fredrika Bremer, a Swedish traveler, poet, and author. Before Bremer County was established, it was a Native American Reservation belonging to the Winnebago Tribe with around 300 members. The reservation was later purchased by the government. The Native Americans were moved to the Crow River area in Minnesota about 150 miles north of St. Paul.

Bremer County, Iowa Attractions

Wartburg College is located in the town of Waverly, Iowa. Wartburg is a four year liberal arts college of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. As of 2012 the most popular programs of study at Wartburg were: business, biology, elementary education, and speech. The Bremer County Fair is also something to look for in this county. The fair is held at the fairgrounds in Waverly every year in early August. This year the Bremer County Fair celebrated their 142nd year. You can enjoy the livestock and art exhibitions from 4H and FFA students as well as tractor pulls, commercial and local exhibits, and various contests, performances, and concerts.



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