Bolivar Plaza

Bolivar Square, Venezuela

Bolivar Square, Venezuela

History Behind Bolivar Square

Bolivar Square, or Plaza Bolivar, sits in the heart of Columbia’s capital city Bogota.  The city’s first monument, an 1846 sculpture of Simon Bolivar by Italian Pietro Tenerani, is on display on the square.

Simon Bolivar

As a matter of fact, Simon Bolivar (July 24, 1783-December 17, 1830) was a Venezuelan military and political leader playing an essential part in establishing six sovereign states, Venezuela being one of them.  An heir of a wealthy family, Bolivar was sent away to school arriving in Spain at just Bolivar Squaresixteen years of age.  He did not remain there, later moving to France.  Bolivar carries various presidencies under his belt.  Those presidencies are: the 2nd Republic of Venezuela for just shy of one year (Aug. 1816-July 1814); 3rd Republic of Venezuela for almost a year and a half (Oct. 1817-Feb. 1819); Gran Columbia’s first president for 11 years (Feb. 1819-May 1830); Bolivia’s first for just 4 months (Aug. 1825-Dec. 1825); Peru’s 6th for 3 years (Feb. 1824-Jan. 1827).

History Within Bolivar Square

Bolivar PlazaSimilarly, historic buildings encompass Bolivar Square.  To the north is the Palace of Justice.  Southward is the National Capital.  On the west and the east are the Primary Cathedral of Bogota and Bogota’s mayoral seat Leivano Palace.

Additionally, public punishments took place on the square in the pillory (much like stocks in which an individual’s head and other limbs were locked in holding them captive).  Once going by the name of Plaza Mayor, Bolivar Square was the market square hosting such affairs as circus acts and civil, cultural or religious events.  This was even the scene of bullfights until 1681.

Correspondingly, Bolivar Square was proposed a national monument in October of 1994 receiving the status one year later.

Moreover, numerous manifestations have been seen on the square.  Such as the night long protest of 100,000 people in July of 1947 as well as a student protest as recently as 2016.


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