Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls Bolivar, Venezuela

Angel Falls Bolivar, Venezuela

Angel Falls Bolivar, Venezuela

Reaching heights of 3,212 feet, the Venezuelan waterfall known as Angel Falls is the highest in the world.  With its location in the Guyana highlands, Angel Falls is one of Venezuela’s numerous regions offering adventure.  Dropping over the edge of Auyantepui in the Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, this waterfall plunges the distance of 2,648 feet.  Angel Falls Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela is the place for thrill. Angel Falls Venezuela

Uniquely, a tepui is a table-top mountain.  In the native tongue of the Pemon, it means “house of the gods”.  Living in the grasslands of the Gran Sabana in Venezuela, the Pemon are part of the Cariban language family. They are a society based primarily on trade.

Gran Sabana Bolivar, Venezuela

Also, spreading into parts of the Guiana Highlands as well as into Bolivar State, Gran Sabana (English: The Great Savanna) extends yet further into borders with Brazil and Guyana.  Gran Sabana spans 4,180 square miles in Venezuela’s second largest national park- Canaima National Park.  With the inclusion of Gran Sabana, the current total area of Canaima National Park is a whopping 7,400,000 acres.

 History Behind Angel Falls Bolivar, Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela   As a matter of fact, an adventurous pilot from Missouri, the legend known as James “Jimmy” Crawford Angel, is the namesake of Angel Falls.  While in search of gold in 1933, Angel and his partner first saw the falls.  Four years later when the two would return with Angel’s wife and a friend in tow, the four find themselves arriving atop the Auyantepui in an emergency landing.  Upon dissention and an 11 day trek through the jungle, they arrive in civilization.  Until eventual removal by helicopter, this is where the plane stays for the next 33 years.  A replica of Angel’s plane sits on Auyantepui and the plane itself is in the Aviation Museum in Maracay.

Likewise, Angel Falls is now Venezuela’s top tourist draw.  This waterfall is amongst tepuis that are age old, forming millions of years ago.  Their tops are hidden inside the clouds.   A vast and dense jungle surrounds them.  Perhaps its visual awe and wonderment are some of the qualities which attract millions of tourists each year.


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